Getting better at git - in 5 lessons

— Learning git using great stuff on the web

Is git occasionally (or often) a mystery to you? - You are not alone! I have pulled in a few hand picked resources, in this post you get the first few bite-sized lessons.

My Notes From QCon London 2016

— I used my iPad Pro to take notes during the conference

My fifth QCon I try a new way to keep engaged and concentrated during the talks. Usually I bore quite easily and my mind wanders off, but taking notes often helps me to focus. I use FreeMind to take notes on my laptop, but this time I have tried the Paper-app by on my new iPad Pro (with the Apple Pencil).

My budget virtual server in the cloud

— Setting up and securing my server

Years ago I set up a blog and a couple of other things on a shared hosting-server; this was so long ago that virtualized servers were rare. Long overdue I am moving to a virtual private server - with a lot more flexibility. First step is to set up some basic provisioning (I use Ansible) and secure the server (using ufw and fail2ban).

apt 1.0 - old dog with new tricks

— The package manager for Debian 'just' got more user friendly

If you're a Debian (or Ubuntu) Linux user you can probably use the simpler 'apt'-command and forget about 'apt-get', 'apt-cache' and 'dpkg'.

Loving readers with dek and lede

— Usability tricks from the news business

You can easily make your blog more usable with a couple of old-timer usability tricks. And doing so might give away that you care about your readers.

Simple monitoring of web sites

— Uptime monitoring using UptimeRobot – in under 60 mins

If you haven't got uptime monitoring on your site, there really is no excuse as you can set up something with minimal effort and free of charge.