• Learning git using great stuff on the web

    Getting better at git (lessons 1-5)

    Is git occasionally (or often) a mystery to you? - You are not alone! I have pulled in a few hand picked resources, in this post you get the first few bite-sized lessons.

  • I used my iPad Pro to take notes during the conference

    My Notes From QCon London 2016

    My fifth QCon I try a new way to keep engaged and concentrated during the talks. Usually I bore quite easily and my mind wanders off, but taking notes often helps me to focus. I use FreeMind to take notes on my laptop, but this time I have tried the Paper-app by fiftythree.com on my new iPad Pro (with the Apple Pencil).

  • Setting up and securing my server

    My budget virtual server in the cloud

    Years ago I set up a blog and a couple of other things on a shared hosting-server; this was so long ago that virtualized servers were rare. Long overdue I am moving to a virtual private server - with a lot more flexibility. First step is to set up some basic provisioning (I use Ansible) and secure the server (using ufw and fail2ban).

  • The package manager for Debian 'just' got more user friendly

    apt 1.0 - old dog with new tricks

    If you're a Debian (or Ubuntu) Linux user you can probably use the simpler 'apt'-command and forget about 'apt-get', 'apt-cache' and 'dpkg'.

  • Usability tricks from the news business

    Loving readers with dek and lede

    You can easily make your blog more usable with a couple of old-timer usability tricks. And doing so might give away that you care about your readers.

  • Uptime monitoring using UptimeRobot – in under 60 mins

    Simple monitoring of web sites

    If you haven't got uptime monitoring on your site, there really is no excuse as you can set up something with minimal effort and free of charge.

  • Are you prepared for all your containers to insta-crash?

    Docker daemon crash

    There is a lot of interest in the Docker containerization technology these days, but while adding a layer of indirection solves some problems there are also risks.

  • Static site generation with Jekyll and Github Pages

    Creating the akafred blog site

    Using a static site generation tool for your blog makes your blog performant and secure. Using Docker helps you get started quickly.

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